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Mar 9, 2018
- Profanity
Do not curse on forums, this includes censored and uncensored cursing.

- Derailing
Do not post off-topic comments in a thread, keep comments on a thread along the lines of the original topic.

- Disrespect/Harassment
Do not disrespect or harass any member on forums, instances of harassment will be handled by staff.

- Advertising
Do not post links, IPs, or anything directing to another server or forums.

- Inappropriate Profile Pictures/Signatures
Do not use photos that contain nudity, disrespectful content, racism, NSFW, unlawful, or any distasteful content in the forums, including but not limited to forum replies, profile posts, signatures, profile pictures, attachments.

- Trolling
Do not try to manipulate someone, or cause harm by stating facts that are not true.

- Sexism/Racism
Do not harass anyone based on their sexuality, or race.

- Insensitive Content
Do not post content that will offend others (9/11 jokes, etc...)

- Leaking/Sharing Personal Info
Do not leak or give out someone else's personal information. This includes but is not limited to an IP address, Minecraft Account(s), Email accounts, and Skype profiles.

- Report Function Abuse
Do not abuse the report a post function. Staff monitor all reported posts and abuse of this function can earn an infraction. Report abuse includes reporting posts that don't break the rules or reporting the same post multiple times.

- Post Farming
Do not post repeatedly with the sole intention of getting your message count up. This is known as post-farming.

- Necro
Do not bump threads excessively. Threads will eventually be seen. You may bump a thread once during a 3-day period starting from the last reply. If you're replying to others comments that is completely fine, but you cannot do this after 30 days.

- Collaborative Rule Breaking
If you are caught collaboratively breaking the rules with other players or encouraging them to do so, you will receive the same punishment as the rule you are collaborating on.

- Common Sense
Use common sense on the forums, if something seems like it's wrong or should be against the rules, don't do it. If you have questions about something you'd like to post or do, message a staff member about it.

- Punishment Evasion/Alts
Do not make alt accounts/share accounts to evade the punishment. If you are banned on forums for over one week you are permitted to make an appeal account. The account must include the name you are known by and have the word "appeal" after it. Please do not make alternate accounts for non-appealing usage. Alts are only permitted in the case of a forum ban, in which case they are restricted to only posting in the appeals section. This means no following, rating, or posting outside of the proper section.

- DDoS/Dox/Death Threats
Do not threaten anyone or the server with or without the intention of DDoSing or Doxing them, this it not taken lightly and will have severe punishments. Death threats are prohibited as well.

- Begging/Complaining/Hate Threads
Do not create threads begging for free items, ranks, etc.; complaining/bashing anyone; or directly targeting a certain member.

- Edit Wars
Do not edit your own post or revert changes if it's been edited by a staff member.

- Spamming
Do not spam threads or forums
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